6th - 8th of October 2017

Viialan Seurahuone, Akaa, Finland

Zoo 2017

The C64 copyparty


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The Jungle drum beats

Masters of Pixel Art exhibition at Tampere

We in ZOO highly recommend you to join THE MASTERS OF PIXEL ART exhibition in The Finnish Museum of Games in Tampere.

The show will open 22nd of August (17–19) with Curator Klas (Prowler) present, giving a lecture as well.

The exhibition consists of images made for C-64 and Amiga and it will still be on during Zooparty early October.

Thou shall not miss this!

Kahden viikon päästä tiistaina on luvassa todellista herkkua, kun Masters of Pixel Art -näyttely avataan Suomen...

Julkaissut Suomen pelimuseo 8. elokuuta 2017

Zoo2017 invitation

What the Zoo?

C64 copyparties since 1997

The Number One C-64 party in Finland is back again!

ZOO'17 will be held at 6th - 8th of October 2017 at Viialan Seurahuone, Akaa, Finland.

C64 Competitions

The following compos will be held: Music, Graphics, Disk Cover, PETSCII, Basic Programme, Party Feature, Wild Demo and C64 Demo. Wild entries may be either for C64 or any other 70s-80s 8-bit platform.

Gaming Tournaments

Cup for an action game and a sports game. The infamous Finnish Open of Sex Games!

Live Music

64MULA, 8 Bits High, Sidtronic


Pasi Hytönen, Juho Kuorikoski, Markku Reunanen

8-Bit Auction

Bring your gear for sale!


Entry ticket price is 40 EUR.

Tickets and food tokens will be sold for registered party animals. Tokens are sold ONLY in advance.

Tickets are sold for the full weekend only.


We offer limited capacity hotel accomodation and a quiet oldskool sleeping area.

Sauna is warm on Friday and Saturday evenings. Showers available for everybody.

In co-operation with

Konttori NicePixels HotelAckas PartyFactory Capnova Streamplay Pelimuseo Combo Breaker C64 Audio Viialan Seurahuone Jumalauta Investments Gideon Virtalähde mastering

The Flyaway

Visit us! It's easy

Viialan Seurahuone

The party place is an old society club at the centre of Viiala in the city of Akaa.

Street address: Viialan Seurahuone, Keskuskatu 44, Akaa, Finland.

Some Distances

  • Pirkkala airport: 30km (30 min)
  • Tampere: 35km (30 min)
  • Helsinki: 150km (2 hours)
  • Turku: 130km (2 hours)

From Abroad

Visit Tampere has a good up-to-date guide on how to get to the region.

Fly to Helsinki-Vantaa airport. There are zillions of connections.

If your flight destination is Pirkkala airport, contact the organizers early enough. We'll work out a shuttle for you!

Have a road-trip in a group with your car! From Stockholm, it's fun to take a Viking or Tallink Silja loveboat to Turku. Tune in to the zoological mode with the merry seniors and 'travel-value' refreshments.

You can also take a fast ferry from Umeå to Vaasa, from where it's just 3 hours driving to Viiala.

Arriving at Viiala


Our exclusive PARTYBUS will take you from Helsinki (Kiasma) to Viiala and back. Jolly mood guaranteed.

Reserve your seat HERE!

Public transportation

'R' train (Helsinki-Tampere) stops at Viiala. The train stop is very near. Tampere and Toijala are the closest junctions and connections exist from all directions.

Monkey biz

Shut up and take my money!

Zoo webshop

The web shop will serve you with the TICKETS and TOKENS. The web shop offers also high-quality products from our collaborators and partners.


The Zookeepers

..to the Zoo and beyond!

The Zookeepers

Zooparty 2017 is organized by a non-profit organization Digital Art & Culture Association Zooparty ry.

The members of our crew are new media and art professionals who began creating on C-64 and other old platforms already during the '80s.


Zooparty 2017 -tapahtuman järjestää digitaalisen taiteen ja kulttuurin yhdistys Zooparty ry.

Yhdistys koostuu joukosta IT-alan ja kuvataiteen ammattilaisia, joista monille vanhat tietokonealustat ovat olleet osa luovaa toimintaa 80-luvulta lähtien.


We come from Artline Designs, Byterapers Inc., Damage, Extend, Topaz Beerline and TRIAD.

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