FINNSIDS - a first time tribute to Finnish SID music on vinyl and cassette. Ten handpicked tracks from ten meritorious composers - from 80's to present day.

Tracks are professionally mastered honouring the original SID sound.

Editions are limited and ordering NOW means we'll reserve you a copy / copies. After your payment is received the record(s) will be shipped.

The theme, the history and 10 top notch tunes for your exclusive SID moments!



Rock - Demo Tune 10 (1989) 3:06
Zardax - Proven Futile (1993) 6:27
Flex - Neon (Original Extended) (2017) 6:04
Agemixer - Da Shit (2004) 2:30
Yip - 5th Dream About Happiness (1986) 4:00

TBB - Orivesi (2001) 3:57
AMJ - Three Minutes Wonder (2001) 3:00
Abaddon - Join the Cosmic Caravan (2015) 5:03
!Cube - Glide (2007) 3:04
Aleksi Eeben - Spaceman Salutes Commodore (2006) 3:48

Music managed by Flex
Mastered by Aomeba
Sleeve graphics by Electric

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For each LP: 5 EUR (Finland & Europe) / 8 EUR (Outside Europe)

For each MC: 3 EUR (Finland & Europe) / 4 EUR (Outside Europe)

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