The Place

Life at the Zoo


Doors open on Friday the 6th at 18:00. During the party you're naturally free to come and go as you wish. There is a pub downstairs, open 12:00 - 02:00 during the weekend. The party ends on Sunday at 14 PM.


Entrance to the partyplace is through Wanha Holvi pub. Follow the signs to upstairs. If you have reserved a hotel room at Viialan Seurahuone, you can check in at the pub desk.

You will get your tickets, tokens and other purchases in the party hall at the counter on the left hand side.



Different accomodation choices are available through Zoo webshop.

  • Viialan Seurahuone has 7 hotel rooms
  • Hotel Ackas in Toijala is reserved for Zooparty visitors. A shuttle taxi will drive you on Friday and Saturday nights to the hotel.
  • Quiet sleeping area with airbeds at Viialan Työväentalo - the local community hall just 50m away.

Other lodging options nearby can be found at Akaa's website

The partyplace has also few sofas and couches available for resting. Naturally, you can also grab your breadbox as your pillow and doze off in the oldskool style.

Sauna and showers

Sauna is warm on Friday and Saturday. Showers are available for your use during the party. Bring your own towel! In fact, never travel without your towel!



The party place offers electricity, tables and seats. Complimentary computer places can be reserved from the web shop. Bringing your C= equipment is highly encouraged!

Computer places

A computer place is sized for a C64 and a laptop. If you plan to bring a shitload of C= gear and consequently need more table space, please let us know in advance. We'll sort it out.

We can secure you one (1) electric socket with current budgeted for a C64 with usual peripherials and a laptop. Remember to take your own extension cord with you.

Party hall
Computer place


Wi-Fi is available, but the bandwidth is optimized for C64 ;-) That is, bringing your own 4G Wi-Fi gateway is a good idea.

Food and drinks

Food and alcoholic beverage serving will operate on a token system.


Breakfasts are complimentary for Party Animals. Kindly reserve yours at the Webshop, as we want to make sure the supply meets the demand.

Friday supper

Sausage sortiment / Soy-sausage sortiment with creamed potatoes, pickled cucumber and pickled red onions.

Saturday dinner

Bacon-wrapped chicken fillet / Smoky tomato pasta sauce, rice, roasted root vegetables, green salad, sauce.

Saturday supper

Broadbean and potato casserole, cheese and beetroot salad.

Ovo-lacto-vegetarian equivalents of the courses available. All dishes are low-lactose and glutein free.

We will serve complimentary coffee, soft drinks and snacks.

Outside the partyplace

There are supermarkets, grill kiosk, a bakery and a couple of kebab-pizzerias within 100m range from the party place. You can bring food and soft drinks at the partyplace.

Alcoholic beverages

The party place is a licensed bar and bringing your own drinks is prohibited.

If you run out of tokens, you can buy drinks from the bar downstairs on a normal list price. You can bring them up to the party hall. Comparing with the Finnish standards, the price level is very reasonable. More details in the Webshop.

Wanha Holvi downstairs
The Raster bar


You can either enjoy your tobacco in the smoking room in the lobby or outdoors at the designated area.


Party features

Live Music


C64 and turntables. Barracuda and Loudus Plexus + Tulevaisuuden Antenni (VJ)

8 Bits High

Brutal Commodore 64 Electro


DJ-brothers Jangler and Flex of Artline Designs - remixes from SID to the dancefloor

Sid music


Our entertaining seminar presentations do feature both fun and facts about the C64.

Pasi Hytönen - Pelinikkarin muisti palailee pätkittäin

Pasi Hytönen is a pioneering game designer who developed the first-ever finnish license game Uuno Turhapuro muuttaa maalle (1986). Hytönen has released in 2016 the game Little Knight Arthur - 30 years after being developed. He works currently as an iOS developer.

Juho Kuorikoski - Tasavallan tietokone -kirjan julkistaminen

Juho Kuorikoski is a journalist and a non-fiction author. Kuorikoski has authored several books on history of video gaming. His latest book Commodore 64 - Tasavallan Tietokone is presented and released at Zoo 2017.

Markku Reunanen - PETSCII: Text, Art and Nostalgia

Markku Reunanen aka Marq/FIT is an University lecturer at the Media Lab Helsinki. He has done research on demoscene and retrocomputing. Amongst many things, he is the author of the popular cross-platform PETSCII graphics editor.

8-Bit Auction

Got some C64 gear or other 8-bit stuff collecting dust? Now Zoo is THE place to get rid of them with a good price!

Let the organizers know in advance, what you are planning to bring for sale. Let us then discuss the deal in details.


Classic and New C64 demos non-stop.


Synchronize your CIA6526 timers


18:00 Doors open. Party begins!
19:00 Game competitions begin
Sauna! Bring your own towel
21:00 Supper
22:30 Sidtronic
00:00 64MULA
Overnight demoshow
03:30 Bar is closed. Nighty night!


09:00 Bar is open. Breakfast
12:00 Markku Reunanen: "PETSCII: Text, art and nostalgia"
13:00 8-bit Auction
14:00 Music competition (in two parts)
16:00 Dinner
16:15 Juho Kuorikoski: Tasavallan Tietokone -book publication
16:45 Pasi Hytönen: "Pelinikkarin muisti palailee pätkittäin"
17:45 Gideon Zweijtzer: Ultimate-64
Sauna is warm
18:15 Game competition finals!
19:00 8 Bits High
20:00 Game competition prizegiving ceremony!
20:30 Competitions in the following order:
1. PETSCII art
2. Disk Cover
3. Party feature
4. Graphics
5. Basic Program
6. Wild Demo
7. C64 Demo
00:00 Voting deadline
03:30 Bar is closed. Overnight demoshow


09:00 Breakfast
11:00 Price giving ceremony
14:00 Party is over. Doors close!

Zoo mentality

There are no rules - just a few necessities

The Zoo spirit has became famous of being laid-back and friendly. Let us co-operate and make sure everything goes smoothly!

Yet we are obligated to have few basic regulations. The party place is a licensed bar, which brings up some restrictions.

  • The event is for people over 18 years old only.
  • No drinks are served between 03:30 and 09:00. No exceptions.
  • No own alcoholic beverages. Buy your drink tokens in advance and enjoy refreshments with very reasonable prices.
  • During party time you can enjoy your tobacco in the smoking room.
  • No illegal substances, weapons (including a Leatherman and other knife-like tools) or other harmful items are allowed at the party place nor the sleeping area.
  • Drink wisely. We must ask the police to babysit you if you don't know how to behave.
  • Take care of your friends, yourself and your belongings. The organizers are not responsible for any damage, accidents, stolen or lost property, personal injuries or anything possible that could happen.
  • The toilet is the only allowed destination for your bodily fluids.
  • If you break it, you pay it. If you mess up, you clean up. If shit happens either by accident or by purpose, you are responsible of your own actions without any excuses.
  • We reserve ourselves the right of modifying these regulations and making up new better ones if necessary.